Houston Rockets 2 Off - FastModel Sports

Published 05/10/2016 by Adam Spinella Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

For the Houston Rockets who have a star player that is a guard, they often see him be overplayed on the perimeter and denied the basketball for a reversal. All backdoor sets that are effective are counters to previously scouted plays or main sets that a team runs, and the Rockets took that into consideration when running this backdoor clearout for James Harden. Coming out of a chin formation, they send their 4-man thru on the baseline, and then clear out that entire side of the floor for Harden to dart backdoor.

  • Basketball Play - Houston Rockets 2 Off
  • Basketball Play - Houston Rockets 2 Off
  • 1 dribble handoff with 3; 4 cuts along the baseline

  • 2 takes a step toward the ball then cuts backdoor. The entire side of the floor is clear for him