Creighton 100 - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Creighton 100 is a great team shooting drill that also doubles as a fun, challenging conditioner. 100 made baskets in five minutes is the minimum. Obviously, the more skilled your team is the higher the goal should be. More times than not our goal is 120 mfg's for our varsity team. Teams will discover the importance of precision passing, fundamental layup skills and positive energy. We really like to finish with this competition the day before a game.

  • Basketball Play - Creighton 100
  • Basketball Play - Creighton 100
  • *Goal: 100+ MFG in 5 minutes (Best-ever 135).

    *5 basketballs needed and at least 9 players (12 is best).

    1 always outlets the same direction (we designate a landmark i.e. "Black Hole Side").

    2 diagonally passes ahead to 3.

    3 catches in stride and attacks the rim.

  • 1 and 2 run wide as 3 scores the lay-up.

    2 passes to 2. 3 passes to 1.

    They both shoot, follow their shot and pass back to the line they got the pass from.

    Repeat process.

    Fill lines clockwise (in all our drills we do this if possible).