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About This Play/Drill

At 17:40 in the second half, UCLA ran this quick hitter to get a look for their skilled big man Walsh off a touch from Lonzo Ball. The action starts with a pindown and a clearout by the 4 player straight into a middle ball screen from Walsh. KSU hedged the ball screen at the top and Walsh wisely slipped. Put x4 in a 2 on 1 situation when 4 cut back across the baseline to be available for 5.

  • Basketball Play - UCLA - Early Pindown PNR Slip
  • Basketball Play - UCLA - Early Pindown PNR Slip
  • 1 (Alford) dribbles down the sideline and spins back toward the middle with a back dribble.


    2 (Ball) sprints to the block and comes off a pindown from trailing 4.


    4, after screening, sprints weakside corner and 3 lifts

  • 5 (Walsh) sets a middle ball screen for Ball - KSU hedges and Walsh slips.


    2 throws a hook pass over the top to 5, forcing x4 to help.


    5 takes the shot himself, and has option to dish to 4 cutting back across the baseline.