Duke - Utah - FastModel Sports

Published 03/19/2017 by Timothy Hipps Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

A 1-4 high set that features much of the Jerry Sloan Utah Jazz pick and roll actions.  Executed by the Duke Bluedevils during the 2017 NCAA Tournament.

  • Basketball Play - Duke - Utah
  • Basketball Play - Duke - Utah
  • From a 1-4 high formation, 1 passes to a wing and runs off the backscreen to the weakside corner

  • The ballside high post big man sets a ball screen and rolls to the basket. 2 can feed the roll, or pass to 4 who pops up and catches to create a better passing lane to 5. This pass can be a lob, or a post up high low pass. 3 and 1 exchange positioning to draw away the helpside attention.