Cross Flex Down - FastModel Sports

Published 07/23/2017 by Evan Orzolek Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Set run by Juventus in the LKL league. Very nice action to get a versatile 4 off a down screen and have room to operate by either finishing or creating with everyone spaced out.

  • Basketball Play - Cross Flex Down
  • Basketball Play - Cross Flex Down
  • -1 dribbles to wing

    -2 sprints off 5 cross screen

    -3 sprints off 4 flex screen as 1 is dribbling to wing

    -3 finishes cut to opposite corner

  • -5 sets down screen for 4 after 2 sprints past the cross screen

    -1 passes to 4 who curls the screen tight

    -5 slips to rim after down screening and 2 remains lifted on the wing