Zipper Entry on SLOBs - FastModel Sports

Published 02/20/2014 by Alan Peel Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

This is a set-up for a category of sideline inbounds plays run from a Zipper look.  This provides the inbounds passer a way to execute the play that is called and two counters if not possible.

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  • Basketball Play - Zipper Entry on SLOBs

Frame 1
When running sideline inbounds plays from the Zipper entry, we will have two actions taking place at the same time. First, #5 will set a down screen for #1 who will come off of it on the zipper. The second action will be #2 clearing to the help-side corner. On the entry to #1, we will run the play called.


Frame 2
If we cannot get the ball to #1, our first look will be to hit #5 slipping to the short corner off of his down screen for #1.


On the catch by #5, #1 will spot up at the ball-side wing, #2 will spot up at the help-side slot, #3 will spot up in the ball-side corner, and #4 will dive to the front of the rim.


Frame 3
Our third option is for #4 to flash to the ball-side elbow if #1 and #5 cannot get the ball. The first option off of this entry is for #1 to cut backdoor on #4's catch and look for a lay-up.


Frame 4
If #4 catches and we do not get the backdoor, #1 will continue to the ball-side corner and #4 will work a handoff with #3 who comes to the ball.


If the handoff is unsuccessful, we can either have #4 drive to the basket or work a high-low with #5 who can roll to the basket. This variation is based on the skill set of #4.