Pacers-BS Elbow HIt - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

An action the Pacers ran against the Hawks in Game 1.  This is a great action against teams that hard hedge or trap the ballscreen.  The Hawks were behind and really trapping the high ballscreen, the Pacers ran this for layups and open jumpshots down the stretch.  THe 4 man only has to make a read on the guy guarding 2, if he stays in and helps in on 5s dive then 2 will be open for the jump shot.

  • Basketball Play - Pacers-BS Elbow HIt

5 sets high ballscreen for 1

As 1 is coming off the 5s ballscreen, 4 pops up to elbow

1 hits 4 and 5 dives hard to the rim.

2 man fills up