"Basic" SLOB Box Set - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Simple but effective SLOB set play.

  • Basketball Play - "Basic" SLOB Box Set
  • Basketball Play - "Basic" SLOB Box Set
  • Start in a box set for this Sideline Out of Bounds set.


    5 screens across for 1 to receive the inbounds pass from 3. 2 cuts out to the corner.

  • Immediately after 1 catches the inbounds pass, 5 rescreens with a high ball screen for 1.


    1st Option: 1 uses 5's high ball screen to get to the rim for a scoring opportunity.


    2nd Option: 4 and 5 rip and 1 passes to 5 rolling to the rim after screening for 1.


    3rd Option: 1 can kick out to shooters (2 in the left corner; 3 in the right corner) spotting up.