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About This Play/Drill

The Spurs ran this at the 7:15 mark in the first quarter of their 104-93 game 3 win over Memphis.  This is one of my favorite sets the Spurs run and it is very difficult to guard because the defender has to run off three screens and there are a variety of counters to each defensive adjustment.  Often the 2 man comes offf 5's zipper screen but in this situation, 2 just cut to the top and 5 set the first of three screens.  This play demonstrates just one option and read of many possibilities.  The ending to this play was great because Memphis trapped the ball screen, Paker hit the pop man Duncan and then Duncan hit Paker on the backdoor cut.  The unselfish ball movement by the Spurs is a great part of their offense.  

  • Basketball Play - Spurs Triple
  • Basketball Play - Spurs Triple
  • 2 (Leonard) cuts to the top of the key

    1 (Parker) passes to 2

    5 (Splitter) 3 (Green) 4 (Duncan) set screens for 1

    2 passes to 1

  • 5 flares 3 to the corner

    4 pick and pops with 1

    1 passes to 4

    4 passes to 1 cutting to the basket