Iowa State Drag Hi-Lo - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Play from Iowa State Coach Hoiberg.  Drag screens are a great way to put pressure on the defense.  These options allow the offense to continue flowing if the defense fronts the low post on the hi-lo.  On 5's hand off with 1, 2 will lift out of the corner, known as a "shake".  For spacing purposes 4 goes to the short corner on 5's roll.  

  • Basketball Play - Iowa State Drag Hi-Lo
  • Basketball Play - Iowa State Drag Hi-Lo
  • 4 sets drag screen for 1

    4 rolls

    5 mirrors 1

    3 lifts

    1 hits 3

  • 5 flashes

    3 hits 5

    5 DHO's with 1