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Published 08/17/2018 by Michael Shaughnessy Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

One of the best ways to create catch & shoot 3's is by getting dribble penetration into the paint, forcing the defense to collapse, kicking out for rhythm shots. In this drill, there is decision making involved for the ball handler to make the correct pass once they get downhill into the box. The decision making that is added to this drill allows players to develop making quick decisions and ultimately making the right play. The best way to collapse a defense and force them to scramble is by having all 5 players on the floor with the ability to make the drive, pass, or shot. 

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  • Basketball Play - Nail Drive & Kick: 1v1 Closeout

Drill Description

- Player 1 will attack downhill from the slot through the nail.

- Player 2 stays spaced in the corner, Player 3 lifts to the wing, and x2 is out in front of the rim.

- As player 1 attacks downhill towards x2, x2 is going to make a decision to either closeout towards player 2 or player 3.


Situations (Frame 2)

- If player x2 goes to closeout at player 3 lifting, then player 1 kicks ahead to player 2 for the catch & shoot.

- As x2 goes to closeout, player 4 is making a pass to player 3 lifting and they play live 1v1.

- Player 3 has a 3 dribble maximum.


Situations (Frame 3)

- If player x2 closes out at player 2 in the corner, then player 1 makes a hook pass back to player 3 lifting to the wing for a catch & shoot.

- As x2 closes out at player 2 in the corner, Player 3 makes a pass to player 2 in the corner for live 1v1.

- Player 2 has a 3 dribble maximum.