Drift Kickout 1v1 - FastModel Sports

Published 10/08/2018 by Michael Shaughnessy Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

The biggest trend in player development these days in adding in the decision making component where players develop being able to make decisions before they catch the basketball. I have been using BDT in my workouts this fall and you can see where players struggle to be decisive.

In this 1v1 drill, we put the player in a game situation relocating to receive a pass from a weak side drive. The player only has 2 options; catch and shoot or attack the closeout ensuring they have to be shot ready on the catch. The players are given a 3-dribble maximum to hold them accountable to use the bounce with a purpose.

Over time, you start to see players become more comfortable making a decision before the catch. Give it a try!

  • Basketball Play - Drift Kickout 1v1
  • Basketball Play - Drift Kickout 1v1
  • Basketball Play - Drift Kickout 1v1
  • - Player 1 starts on the right wing with the ball.

    - Player 2 starts behind the cone that is parallel with the middle hash mark on the left side.

    - Player x2 starts on the left side block

  • - The drill is initiated with player 1 attacking downhill to the baseline side.

    - Player 2 has the option to drift to the corner (blue) or lift up higher on the wing (red).

  • - Player 1 will make the pass to player 2 either in the corner (blue) or on the wing (red).

    - As player 1 makes the pass to player 2, x2 will closeout to the corner or the wing (green).