Fresno Break - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

This is a simple secondary break play with multiple options that can be run to get into a three-around-two set.

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  • Basketball Play - Fresno Break

Frame 1

#1 makes the advance pass to the wing (#2 in the illustration). From here, #2 has the following pass options:


1) Post feed to #5.

2) Pass to #1 making a give-and-go cut.


Frame 2

The trailer (#4 in the illustration) fills the top of the key and receives the pass from #2. From here, #4 has the following pass options:


1) Make a pass to #5 on a duck-in.

2) Hit #3 coming off of the back screen set by #1.


Frame 3

The third pass option available to #4 is to swing the ball to #1 who catches at the wing opposite #2.


Frame 4

Once #1 catches at the wing, he will have the following pass options available to him:


1) Enter the ball into the low post to #5 who comes off of a cross screen set by #3.

2) Throw the ball back to the top of the key to #3 coming off of #4's down screen.

3) Hit #4 slipping to the basket if #3's man and #4's man switch the down screen.


#3 will be setting the first screen and #4 will set the second screen.