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About This Play/Drill

By having their post players hard hedge the ball screens, Virginia needs to provide help when the screener rolls to the basket. X5’s first job in this situation is to redirect the ball to half court and not allow 1 to turn the corner and get in the lane. If he is too concerned about his matchup with 5 he won’t be able to provide great help on the ball screen. This is where x3 comes into play to provide help until x5 gets back to his match up . X3 has a tough job to do. He has to tag 5 and take away the pass for him rolling to the basket. He then has to change direction and close out on his man to contest the shot and take away any penetration. This is a very difficult action to guard but by being aggressive and providing early help Virginia is able to cover for each other and take away high percentage shots at the rim and open shots behind the arc.

Final Four Team Breakdown: Virginia's Elite Efficiency on Both Sides of the Ball

  • Basketball Play - Virginia Cavaliers - Single Tag PNR  Defense
  • Basketball Play - Virginia Cavaliers - Single Tag PNR  Defense
  • 1 dribbles off the ball screen from 5.

    x5 hard hedges the screen to redirect 1 to half court.

    1 goes over the screen and under x5 get back matched up to the ball.

    As 5 rolls to the basket, x3 tags him to take away the pass from 1.

  • x5 sprints back to the paint to match up with 5.

    3 cuts to the wing to receive the pass from 1.

    x3 closes out on 3 to take away the shot.