Follow The Leader Full Court Shooting - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

This full court shooting drill gets plenty of lot of shot ins, with a bonus of ball handling work at the same time.

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  • Basketball Play - Follow The Leader Full Court Shooting

The drill starts with one line on opposite sides of the court. There should be 2 balls for each line. A simple drill of following the leader. The dribbler on the right and left side of the court will dribble hard to the to the first cone, shoot and go to the end of the line. After a ten count, the next player will go and follow the direction as the first ball handler. Atfer all the team member are done with the first cone, the leaders will dribble to cone #2, and so. There are three cones on each side, for a total of six shots. You can time the drill and set a goal as to how many need to be made within the given time.