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About This Play/Drill

With 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter and the game tied at 101, the Lakers ran this play designed to get Anthony Davis a dunk off the roll to the rim. 1 started the play with a pass to 3 and a cut to the opposite block off the UCLA cut. 3 then passes to 5 off the ball screen. This inital action was the same as the play the opened the second half with. This time instead of getting the handoff from 5, 2 cuts to the opposite corner. This cleared a side of the floor for 5 to dribble handoff with 1. 1 turned the corner and passed to 5 for the easy dunk.

  • Basketball Play - LA Lakers - UCLA Swing DHO
  • 1 passes to 3 then cuts to the weakside block off the screen from 4.
  • 3 takes a dribble off the ball screen from 4 and immediately passes to 5.
  • 2 cuts backdoor to the weakside corner.
  • 1 cuts to the wing.
  • 5 dribble handoffs with 1 and rolls to the basket to receive the pass back from 5.