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Published 11/18/2020 by Dave Nedbalek Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Another action from Shaka Smart that the Longhorns utilized efficiently in the '19-20 season was this 4 flat into a twisted ball screen.

This action would be used to counter teams that hard hedged or tried to show aggressively to contain the Longhorn guards. With the last minute twist to the screen it would penalize good coverage and leave runways for the Longhorn perimeter players to drive, cut, dish and repeat. The beauty is in the simplicity. 


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  • Basketball Play - Texas Longhorns - 4 Flat Twist

They will start in a four flat alignment and sprint into middle ball screen. The bigs will twist their screen at the last minute (prior to contact) and the guard will use it accordingly. Their same cutting rules off ball will apply to this action as well.