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Published 10/19/2021 by Matt Wheeler Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

The Boston Celtics new head coach, Ime Udoka, ran this ATO to get Dennis Schroeder (2) an opportunity to use his quickness to attack the basket to create a play. Schroeder's speed comes in handy as he cuts off a screen and a dribble handoff to get the ball and attack the basket. Even though the Miami Heat switched the dribble handoff, Shroeder had too much momentum and was easily able to blow by the defender and create a shot for a three in the corner. Video clip below.

  • Basketball Play - Boston Celtics - Stagger DHO

5 screens away for 2 then cuts to the weakside block.

1 follows for a DHO with 2.

2 turns the corner off the handoff to attack the basket or pass to 3 in the corner for the shot.