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About This Play/Drill

In 2014, the team I was coaching lost in the Ohio High School State Finals to a GREAT defensive team. We ran our entire offensive package (dribble drive, sets, high ball screens, etc.) at them and could not get any good looks. The feeling from that game led me on a search to find a great continuity offense that included screening, ball reversals and the option to use it for interior shots or perimeter shots.

The search culminated in finding the 5-Out Euro Ball Screen Offense from watching the Olympics. We took the basics of the offense, added some bells and whistles, and made it something that could accomplish all we were looking for in an offense. We incorporated sets out of the flow of the offense, motion numbered cutting principles and various entries to spice things up. We put all that information into 45 extremely detailed pages of a PDF file on this offense and all the teaching points involved in making it your offense. To purchase the PDF, click here:

Aquinas' main man-to-man offense from the 2014-15 season was continuity ball screen attack we called "Wave." It was our first year running it as our main offense but used it as a set play the previous season. We were able to use a lot of different features within the offense to attack our opponents and many of those features are outlined in this video. Depending on the strengths of the players, the offense can be more tailored for the perimeter or the interior. We used multiple entries including several not shown on the video and numbered cut system so the players could communicate which screens and cuts they were about to make.

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  • Basketball Play - Euro Ball Screen Offense ("Wave")
  • Basketball Play - Euro Ball Screen Offense ("Wave")
  • Basketball Play - Euro Ball Screen Offense ("Wave")
  • Basketball Play - Euro Ball Screen Offense ("Wave")
  • 5 sprints out and jump stops to set the side ball screen. 1 gets below the free throw line and squares his shoulders to the opposite side line. 1 uses the ball screen (he can also reject the screen) while 5 drops and drives his back shoulder on a roll to the rim. Once 5 gets in the paint, he should look to briefly post up for a high low pass from 4 once he gets the reversal from 1.

    Option 1 - Reject

    Option 2A - Use Ball Screen to Score

    Option 2B - Hit Roll Man

    Option 3 - Pinch Three

  • 4 should first check the rolling 5 before reversing the ball. 3 can screen-in or backdoor cut and continues to the opposite corner. 2 lifts (Option 4) to receive receive the reversal while 5 is filling to the top


    4's reversal options:

    1. Pass and ball screen

    2. Pass and slip the ball screen

    3. Dribble handoff

  • 2 now tries to get a piece of the paint and will reverse to 5 to keep the continuity going. And the cycle continues..


  • Vs switch, we want to execute a look back pass and seal on the edge of the lane. The screener looks to bury his man after screening. The passer comes off the ball screen hard, stops on his outside foot, changes the ball sides, and drops a pass into the sealing forward.