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About This Play/Drill

In today’s diagram and embedded video we look at a drill to teach pivoting, proteting the ball, and passing against pressure defense. The embedded video will really help you grasp the series and expand on the diagrams. We teach a pivoting sequence to back off and attack pressure defense, then do some passing work against pressure using the series of pivoting.

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  • Basketball Play - Drills: Hip to Hip Pivoting/Bull in the Ring

Organization: Players line up along the baseline, each with a ball.


"Hip to Hip Pivoting"

Coaches check triple threat, a retreat pivot, step through pivot, open and rip, as well as power position.


"Bull in the Ring"

Monkey in the middle. The offense must wait for D to arrive ON A CLOSEOUT and pivots through once before passing. Change places on a deflection



-Keep body between ball and defender

-Pivot through the defense

-Fake a pass to make a pass

-Active hands on defense to get deflections

-Passes on target