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About This Play/Drill

"Trade" is a counter to "Fresno Break" when the reversal to the wing is denied.  This can also be run as a call as well as an automatic.

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  • Basketball Play - Trade

Frame 1
#1 passes ahead to #2 and makes a give-and-go cut to the basket. Should he not get the pass from #2, he will position himself in the help-side low post.


#4 will fill the space at the top of the key.


Frame 2
On the pass to #4, #1 will set a back screen for #3 who will cut to the basket.


So far, the action is similar to that of "Fresno Break".  However, there is a twist to the action.


Frame 3
With #1 denied popping out to the perimeter, #4 dribbles at #1 to initiate the dribble handoff.


Frame 4
Once #1 has the dribble handoff, he can make one of three passes:


1) Pass to #2 who can then shoot or feed #5 in the post.

2) Pass to #3 coming off of #4's down screen for a shot or a post feed to #4.

3) Pass to #4 slipping to the basket if the defense switches the down screen.