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About This Play/Drill

Georgia coach Mark Fox has done a fantastic job turning around a Bulldog program that has been towards the bottom of the SEC for the better part of a decade. Now securing an at-large birth to the NCAA Tournament, Fox is finally getting some well-deserved recognition, in particular for his offense. Fox employs a lot of high post actions, raising his big men to the elbows and the three point line to open driving lanes and take away help at the rim. The multitude of dribble handoffs that Georgia runs keeps defenses honest, and the speed at which they run them makes them dangerous offensively.

One of the most impressive sets I saw Fox and his team run during their second game of the year against Kentucky was a variation of the Chin offense that split into the shuffle offense. By moving the ball side-to-side several times, the defense was forced to shift and move by reacting to the player and ball movement. The shuffle offense is effective because it allows a post-up opportunity with great spacing; Fox’s set drops the trailer or the 4-man to the block for what can be a mis-match post.

  • Basketball Play - Georgia Chin Shuffle
  • Basketball Play - Georgia Chin Shuffle
  • Basketball Play - Georgia Chin Shuffle
  • Basketball Play - Georgia Chin Shuffle
  • (1) and (2) handoff

    (4) screens down for (3) opposite the ball

  • (2) passes to (3) and cuts off of (5) to the ball-side 2nd hash.

    (3) passes to (4) and cuts to the corner

  • (5) steps out and gets the pass from (4)

    (5) swings to (1)

    (4) comes off a shuffle screen from (2)

  • (5) sets a screen-the-screener action for (2)