Portland Trailblazers Pin Clear - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Portland Trailblazers ran this play in game 2 of the Portland-Memphis series. With Lillard's speed and Portland's execution of spacing and screening, Lillard gets a clear drive to the rim. If Lillard decides to shoot the ball of the high ball screen, Robin Lopez (5) has great rebounding position.

  • Basketball Play - Portland Trailblazers Pin Clear
  • Basketball Play - Portland Trailblazers Pin Clear
  • 2 sets pin screen for 4. 4 uses the pin screen and sprints into a pick and roll for 1. 5 sets pin for 3, 3 rejects the screen and cuts along the baseline.

  • 4 sets pick and roll. 5 clears out low man help - pinning own man.