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About This Play/Drill

Opposite is a secondary break play that is run when the point guard is forced to the other side of the floor.  The end result is a screen-the-screener play that hits quickly and can get your team into your half court offense.

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  • Basketball Play - Opposite

Frame 1

#1 is forced to reverse the floor with the dribble. He will dribble to the opposite wing. #4 will fill the top of the key and we are set to run the play.


Frame 2

When #1 dribbles to the wing after changing sides of the floor with the dribble, #3 will set a cross screen for #5.


Scoring Option #1:

#1 feeds #5 in the low post coming off of #3's cross screen.


Frame 3

#4 sets a down screen for #3 after #5 clears #3's cross screen. #3 will look to score. If he cannot score, we go into our half court offense.


Scoring Option #2:

#3 catches from #1 and shoots the three-point shot.


Frame 4

If the down screen set by #4 is switched, #4 will slip to the basket. He must also slip to the basket once #3 clears the screen even if there is no switch.


Scoring Option #3:

#1 hits #4 slipping to the basket for the lay-up.