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About This Play/Drill

It's never too early. I know I am itching to get back into the gym and start working with my guys. Thanks to my autorenewal of League Pass, I've been able to catch some glimpses of a few NBA teams working young guys in and trying to get timing down. This is a play for a stretch big, that came after a timeout in the 2nd half of the Charlotte-Miami preseason game on Sunday.

Another resource that coaches can use in the drudgery of waiting for practice to start is NBAtv. All week last week, NBAtv's crew were running their series Inside Training Camp and it was awesome. The interaction between players is fun to watch and there is no doubt that you can take a drill from each practice.

  • Basketball Play - Charlotte Hornets ATO Play for Stretch Big
  • Basketball Play - Charlotte Hornets ATO Play for Stretch Big
  • 1 man walks it up. 4 (Kaminsky) is the trail big and rim runs. 5 comes up to set a ballscreen.

  • Heat defense sets up for normal roll and replace. As 1 comes off the ballscreen, 2 screens in for 4 who has a wide open corner triple. **In the actual play for Kaminsky last night, his defender was in the middle of the paint to bump the roll man. All 2 did was bring his defender in and prevent him from contesting the three.