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About This Play/Drill

"Get" is a dribble handoff counter used in secondary break offense that can be run to set up post feeds on both sides of the floor.  The end result is a three around two formation that can be used to get you into your offense.

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  • Basketball Play - Get

Frame 1
Whenever we cannot swing the ball to #3, we will run "Get" if our trailer is capable of handling the basketball. #4 will dribble at #3 and #3 will take the dribble handoff from #4. This counter allows us to run a look similar to our "Sweep" break.


Scoring Options:

1) #3 drives to the basket for a lay-up if the defender chases over the top of the handoff.

2) #3 steps back and shoots the three-point shot if the defender goes under the handoff.

Frame 2
#3 will look to reverse to #1 if he cannot get a scoring option for himself.


Scoring Options

1) #1 shoots the three-point shot.

2) #1 feeds #5 posting up in the low post.

Frame 3
If reversing the ball a second time is not possible, #3 will look to swing the ball back from his original side. He will pass to #2 coming off of #4's down screen.

Frame 4
Here is what it looks like when we pass the ball back to #2 instead of to #1.


Scoring Options:

1) Shoot the three-point shot.

2) #2 feeds #4 posting up in the low post.