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Basketball Play - Cutter


Alan Peel 09/04/2013

Cutter is a sideline inbounds play designed to run shuffle action off of zipper action. For more, check out my website, sign up for a membership, and get your first 30 days free. See More

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Basketball Play - Sweep


Alan Peel 08/19/2013

"Sweep" is a secondary break play run by several teams including Colorado and Harvard. This play is based on the North Carolina approach to secondary break offense made popular by Dean Smith and Roy Williams. This play can be run if you do not have players athletic enough to run the Carolina break for the lob dunk. This play can be run into any kind of a three-around-two offense. See More

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Basketball Play - Stagger 2/3 & Shooting Breakdown

Stagger 2/3 & Shooting Breakdown

Daniel Murphy 08/03/2013

Stagger screen for either of your best shooters. If 5 man helps too much on the screen, make sure to look inside for the slip instead of screen and space. In frame 3 you can see the spacing and how 5, 3 and 1 spread the floor. If you have more coaches you can have 3 take the shot off the curl and have a coach make two passes to 1 or add another coach and have one coach pass to 1 and another coach pass to 2. See More

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Basketball Play - Miami Sprint Slip Stagger

Miami Sprint Slip Stagger

Kevin Bruinsma 07/21/2013

Another set started by a sprint screen from the Miami Heat as 1 sprints off 4's screen to set a ball screen on #6 Lebron James who is playing the 5 at this time. The 1 slips it and pops to the wing as #34 Ray Allen sprints off a stagger screen. #3 Dwayne Wade after setting the first screen opens right back up to the ball looking for a lob or pass. He gets a basket out of this in the NBA Finals. See More

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Basketball Play - Miami Sprint Screen Flare

Miami Sprint Screen Flare

Kevin Bruinsma 07/19/2013

Miami really utilized what I refer to as a sprint screen as somebody screens the screener before he sets a ball screen to eliminate the high hedge or trap. Here the 2 runs off a screen to go set a ball screen and then flares off 3. 3 dives right to the rim. The Spurs had to defend the attacking ball handler, a roll to the basket, and a flare. See More

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Basketball Play - Miami Iverson Curl & Pop

Miami Iverson Curl & Pop

Kevin Bruinsma 07/15/2013

A late game set ran by the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals to free up #34 Ray Allen. He gets a screen from the 4 man, and then runs off a flare from the 5 looking for his jumper. The Spurs took away the flare allowing the pass to go to #1 Chris Bosh. On his catch then #34 Ray Allen went back door for a lay-up. See More

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Basketball Play - Miami DH Pin Down Reverse

Miami DH Pin Down Reverse

Kevin Bruinsma 07/13/2013

Miami entered a lot of their offense with a dribble handoff. Here after the DH #34 Ray Allen sets up his man and runs off a screen looking for his shot. If the shot isnt there he hands right back to 2 or in this case #3 Dwayne Wade. On the handoff #3 Dwayne Wade gets a ball screen from #1 Chris Bosh with the entire side of the floor open. See More

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