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Basketball Play - Serbia WBB - Secondary Flare

Serbia WBB - Secondary Flare

Aaron Schuck 07/09/2021

Secondary action from Serbia. They reverse the ball and the trail will follow the pass and set a wing ball screen. As the wing dribbles off the ball screen, the 5 is setting the flare screen for the PG. With the spacing, 3 looks for 4 slipping to rim after setting the ball screen. If the help stays in the paint off 2, then 3 can skip to 2 of hit the cutter off the flare. Serbia is the #8 team in the women's FIBA World Rankings. *New customers use code SAVE10 for 10% OFF Draw/Scout* See More

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Basketball Play - Serbia WBB - Reverse

Serbia WBB - Reverse

Aaron Schuck 07/09/2021

This set flows from Serbia's secondary action. The trail post screens down for the post who rim runs. As the ball gets reversed 5 is cutting off the screen from the 3 and looking for the pass right off the cut. Essentially this screen-the-screener action when ran with a faster pace. *NBA Finals promo code CHAMPION2021 for 21% OFF Draw/Scout* See More

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Basketball Play - Sweden WBB - Secondary

Sweden WBB - Secondary

Aaron Schuck 06/22/2021

Sweden women's team has been playing well in this year's EuroBasket Women. Here is some secondary action they run giving them a quick look off a cut from a back screen that flows into a double stagger for a shooter. If they do not get an early shot, then they play off the double stagger. See More

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Basketball Play - Swing - Meet Up - Reject

Swing - Meet Up - Reject

Randy Sherman 06/09/2021

An excerpt from our new Five-Out Package Playbook In this sequence, the opening is the SWING to Player 5. The passer then gets into a MEET UP with Player 2. Player 5 takes the ball to the action with the dribble. In this diagram, Player 2 REJECTS the MEET UP and the action flows into either a pass-and-follow DRAG ball screen or a FLIP (dribble handoff). From there the offense is into EURO. Frames 5 and 6 show how we can SWING and get into a MEET UP on the second side. See More

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