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Basketball Play - Strong Flip

Strong Flip

KJ Smith 08/08/2021

1 swings to 4 who swings to 2. 5 follows to strong side block or dunker spot 4 screens away for 1 and slips to the rim 2 hits 1 and spaces away. 5 lifts up to the elbow 5 changes the screen angle at the last moment before rolling (great against hedge teams) See More

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Basketball Play - Horns 54 Down

Horns 54 Down

KJ Smith 08/08/2021

5 screens 1 while 4 steps down below the elbow 5 Down screen 4 and slips to the paint. (Try to post 5 v X4 if they switch) Pass to 4 and look high low or reversal 4 screens 2 and pops to the corner (Effective if X5 is defending the 4 after initial switch) See More

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Basketball Play - Serbia WBB - Secondary Flare

Serbia WBB - Secondary Flare

Aaron Schuck 07/09/2021

Secondary action from Serbia. They reverse the ball and the trail will follow the pass and set a wing ball screen. As the wing dribbles off the ball screen, the 5 is setting the flare screen for the PG. With the spacing, 3 looks for 4 slipping to rim after setting the ball screen. If the help stays in the paint off 2, then 3 can skip to 2 of hit the cutter off the flare. Serbia is the #8 team in the women's FIBA World Rankings. *New customers use code SAVE10 for 10% OFF Draw/Scout* See More

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