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Basketball Play - San Antonio Spurs - SLOB Elevator Slip

San Antonio Spurs - SLOB Elevator Slip

Matt Wheeler 05/10/2017

The San Antonio Spurs used this SLOB play with only 4.5 seconds left on the shot clock to get an easy layup. The Spurs used a common play with the elevator screen as a decoy adding a back screen to it. Kawhi Leonard (4) did a good job of keeping x4 on his top side as he set the elevator screen with 5. This allowed 5 to set a quick back screen and get 4 a wide open layup. See More

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Basketball Play - Elbow Triple

Elbow Triple

Doug Brotherton 04/24/2017

When building your playbook for next season, we want to give you some things to consider. For example, do your sets have anything that make them easy to scout? Do they all start from different formations? Is it difficult to flow from the base offense, into the sets? Do they all use the same action? Do the sets lack versatility? These are all challenges, which coaches must consider, and do not realize until they face the best teams on their schedule. The "Elbow Series" below is an example of some sets that check all of the necessary boxes, which make them a solid addition to your playbook. Read More: See More

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Basketball Play - Iverson UCLA Snap

Iverson UCLA Snap

Doug Brotherton 04/03/2017

Way too often, teams have put the ball into a player's hands, and asked him to be a hero. There is no action being run, and the player dribbles into a contested shot. The goal of this is to give coaches some other actions that they can use to generate a quality shot. See More

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Basketball Play - North Carolina Gate "Slip"

North Carolina Gate "Slip"

Dana Beszczynski 12/15/2016

North Carolina ran this simple Box Set Elevator play against Tennessee the other night. The cross screen in the paint sets up the screener to run through the gate screen at the FT line. As the shooter is ready to come through the gate, the inside screener slips to the basket and receives a perfectly timed pass in the lane for the easy dunk. A great call and adjustment off the Tar Heels regular set play! See More

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