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Basketball Play - HORNS HIGH LOW


Marc Skelton 08/24/2014

Team USA opens up the FIBA World Cup 2014 against Finland Sunday August 30th. Finland is currently ranked 39th in the world. However, they have been playing excellent basketball this summer. Here is an impressive High-Low play they executed out of a Horns set against Lithuania earlier this month. See More

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Basketball Play - High Post Dive & Weak Side Seal Drill

High Post Dive & Weak Side Seal Drill

Randy Brown 02/18/2013

If you run the High-Low motion offnese, this drill is manatory. It combines several key skills; cutting, passing, sealing, offensive post moves, shooting, and weak side sealing. The key element is to teach the high post player to dive to the rim and dominate the weakside when the ball is entered to his teammate. In anticipation of the shot, the opposite post positions himself in a weakside seal to guarantee the rebound on a miss. This is a very competitive drill that will help your half court offense immensely. See More

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Basketball Play - Memphis' Marc Gasol Elbow Series (Part 1)

Memphis' Marc Gasol Elbow Series (Part 1)

Mark Travis 02/13/2013

Marc Gasol is one of the truly underappreciated players in the league. He's a solid post-up player, a decent shooter, the best big man passer in the league (with his brother being a close second) and he may very well be the defensive player of the year in the NBA right now. Memphis' offense is a cramped, inconsistent and often times ineffective collaboration of players who shrink the floor in an era that thrives on spacing it. When things go well for the Grizzlies, it almost always has something to do with Marc Gasol making a play for his teammates. Gasol is deadly from the elbows, as that position on the floor gives him a perfect vantage point of the floor and allows him to distribute from a high-low perspective. Here is one way the Grizz utilize Gasol's skillset from that particular spot on the floor. See More

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Basketball Play - Michigan State Spartans - 1-4 STS

Michigan State Spartans - 1-4 STS

Rory Hamilton 03/21/2024

1-4 High alignment: Play starts with post player setting screen on the wing defender. The guard curls off the screen and fills to the corner. The post player then pops back for the entry pass. Once the post player catches, the opposite guard cuts high or low off the 5 players elbow screen. The point guard spaces away. The 5 player pops to the top of the key for ball reversal and quickly reverses the basketball to the wing. Screen the screener action for lay-up or shot at the top of the key. If the guard does not shoot the top of the key shot then post re-screens and gets right into roll/replace action. If the high-low is not there then the ball is reversed and then guard and post stagger away for a shooter. This play has been a Tom Izzo staple over the last 15 years. See More

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Basketball Play - Zone Flash Single

Zone Flash Single

KJ Smith 08/08/2021

Ball ALWAYS goes to side where X3 is located. 4 will follow to that corner to receive the pass. 4 pass to 3, 3 pass to 2 and cut to opposite corner. 5 down screen for 4 looking to flash to the nail or 3 point line. 1 fades to space in the corner. 3 reads: lob to 5, skip to 1, or 4 can shoot/look high-low. See More

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