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Basketball Play - Zone Sets: Pitt

Zone Sets: Pitt

Doug Brotherton 06/19/2017

This play was #8 on the most downloaded plays of 2018! Check out the full list and download the playbook: The Top 25 Plays of 2018 "Pitt" is a zone set that is designed to get an interior catch. By running a shooter to the corner, it stretches the bottom of the zone. The top player in the stack will screen the middle of the zone, allowing for an easy interior catch. See More

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Basketball Play - Maryland - Flash Fist

Maryland - Flash Fist

Timothy Hipps 03/17/2017

Out of a 3 out 2 in set, the ball is swung to one side and the weak side big fades to the strong corner. The ball is returned to the top where the ball side big flashes middle. The ball is swung back to the strong side where the flash sets a ball screen, the ready shooters rotate to allow space. The corner big replaces the ballhandler's position. See More

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