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Basketball Play - 4 Corner Shooting (WPD)

4 Corner Shooting (WPD)

Joel Hueser 09/06/2016

Motion offense is one of our program pillars. 4 Corner Shooting (WPD) is one of our favorite motion team shooting drills. This drill is not only a good shooting drill, but it also incorporates game-like passing and cutting fundamentals. 4 Corner Shooting (WPD) works best with 8 players and 4 basketballs. We concentrate on four different cuts, but additional cuts could easily be added. Our motion principles emphasize wide pin down screens. From this action, 4 cuts may happen based on how the defense guards the action. 1. Straight Cut – More times than not this is the cut made coming off of a wide pin down screen. There is usually just enough time to catch and shoot. We teach and emphasize the inside-pivot, but still have a few athletes who are more comfortable hopping into their shot. 2. Curl – When the defender chases the 1st cutter over the screen, it is important to curl (or as we say, tight curl) into the paint and attack the basket. 3. Flare – When the defender goes under the screen, the screener is taught to reposition his screening angle and the 1st cutter flares to the open spot. 4. Reject – Also, very aggressive teams will try to blow up your screen and beat the 1st cutter to the spot. At this point, we are teaching a back cut. Another important teaching point is that of the second cutter. We like to say, “Finish your cuts!” One example of this is for the 2nd cutter (screener) to read the 1st cutter and go opposite in direction. The drill sequence is as follows: 1) pass first 2) screen second 3) shoot third 4) rebound last 5) change lines. Our team goal is always 15 or more mfg’s for every minute. We will either go for 8 minutes or 4 minutes; depending on our time allotted. To date our best ever is 135 mfg’s in 8 minutes. Again, 120 mfg’s is a very realistic goal for high school players. See More

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Basketball Play - UNO Shooting Drill

UNO Shooting Drill

Joel Hueser 09/06/2016

We are big fans of a UNO shooting drill Coach Derrin Hansen (@DerrinHansen) shared with us almost ten years ago. Throughout the course of the summer and fall many of our players will do this drill 2-3 times a week if not more. When it's all said and done, each player will have made 100 field goals. The workout can be finished in 20-25 minutes depending on age, skill level and intensity. We like the variety of game-like conditions presented in this workout: shooting, passing and rebounding. See More

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Basketball Play - 3 ON 3 SERIES PART TWO


Marc Skelton 07/16/2016

The premise of this drill is to mimic quick action in early offense. This will improve your screening, how your guys/girls catch and shoot and read the defense. On the flip side your defense will be able to not let cutters cut without being bumped and improve communication. We play a game to seven. There are three options to this drill outlined below. Drill #1 is a UCLA cut. Drill #2 works on the Ghost Screen and drill #3 has a backdoor option. See More

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Basketball Play - Cyclone


Aseem Rastogi 06/02/2016

Adapted from Coach Hoiberg when he was at Iowa State, this drill is one of our favorites at Woodson. This is one of our "DNA Drills," or every day drills that make up the DNA of our program. If your team wants to/likes to push the pace, use Cyclone to emphasize that! See More

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Basketball Play - 8-6-4


Aseem Rastogi 06/02/2016

Competitive transition defensive drill that ramps up the intensity in practice. Team accountability is embedded in each portion of the drill, as well as fundamentals of transition defense. This is also a terrific conditioner. See More

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Basketball Play - 3 ON 3 SERIES


Marc Skelton 05/10/2016

A great drill that simultaneously improves your team and individual players offensively and defensively is a series of 3 on 3 drills. Offensively, we work on dribble hand-offs, cuts, shooting, passing, catching, screens, and timing. Defensively, we work on communication and the different ways to defend screens. I also like this drill because it helps to reduce turnovers. See More

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Basketball Play - Ball Screen Learning Series

Ball Screen Learning Series

null null 04/22/2016

Because of the complex nature of the ball screen action, 1 on 0 practice is insufficient for true mastery of the skill. This drill is a learning drill because it allows the offense to have an advantage by playing against a recovering defender guarding the screener. 1 still must place their defender into the screen, and then deals with reading the next defender and making the choice to shoot, pass, or drive. See More

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