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Basketball Play - Cleveland Cavs - BLOB PG Rip

Cleveland Cavs - BLOB PG Rip

Matt Wheeler 04/18/2017

The Cleveland Cavs were up 5 with 30.9 seconds left and ran this play to help seal the win against the Indiana Pacers. This play was very difficult to guard because of all the offensive threats that were on the floor for the Cavs. The inital action forced the Pacers to defend the staggered screen so as not to give up an open 3 to a shooter (Kyle Korver). The secondary action used the Cavs two best players with 4 (Lebron James) setting a back screen for 1 (Kyrie Irving). x4 has a difficult choice to make. Helping on the backscreen might take away the layup but it would also get 4 an open shot. x4 stayed with his man and 1 got a wide open layup on the play. See More

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Basketball Play - Clippers - Stagger Pistol (BLOB)

Clippers - Stagger Pistol (BLOB)

Doug Brotherton 04/16/2017

The "Pistol Action" has become very popular with teams at all levels. The LA Clippers ran this BLOB in Game 1 of their first round match-up against the Utah Jazz. It resulted in a wide open look. The play features multiple options. The double stagger flows into "Pistol Action." With a decision maker like Chris Paul, look for the Clippers to use this action in a variety of ways. See More

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Basketball Play - South Carolina - BLOB Flat Backdoor

South Carolina - BLOB Flat Backdoor

Ryan Nguyen 04/02/2017

South Carolina ran this BLOB action for P.J. Dozier against Gonzaga in the 2017 NCAA Final Four. The first option is to hit the cutter on the backcut versus the overplay/denial. If the passer cannot hit the backcut, the action flows into a dribble handoff then the stagger screen for back cutter on the strong-side for an open 3-point shot. See More

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