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Basketball Play - Spurs Stagger Screen

Spurs Stagger Screen

Kevin Bruinsma 07/08/2013

The San Antonio Spurs utilized a lot of movement and spacing to create open rolling lanes for #21 Tim Duncan. Here they look for the quick hoop as the 3 man curls off a stagger screen. After screening #21 Tim Duncan pops back to get a catch. He executes a dribble handoff and dives hard to the rim. The Miami Heat had a difficult time dealing with him rolling. See More

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Basketball Play - Houston Rockets - Point Double Curl

Houston Rockets - Point Double Curl

Ryan Nguyen 10/18/2017

This is a wrinkle out of the Houston Rockets' "Point Double" action: When x2 top lock 2 from cutting off the stagger screen by 4 & 5, 2 curls the first screen and screens for 4. Then 4 comes off the down screen from 5 and receives a pass from 1. 1 follows his pass and receives a handoff back from 4. 1 brushes off 4 and uses a ball screen from 5. As 1 comes off the ball screen, 5 rolls to the basket and 4 stays high. 2 & 3 stay in the corner for kickout. See More

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Basketball Play - Japan (W) - Delay Slip

Japan (W) - Delay Slip

Ryan Nguyen 07/25/2017

Japan has been running this "Delay" action at FIBA Asia Cup Women 2017. 1 passes to 5 and screens down for 2. 1 fakes the down-screen and slips to the basket. 5 looks to hit 1 for a layup if she is open. If the pass is not available, 1 clears to the opposite side. 5/2 execute a DHO. As 2 receives the handoff from 5, 4 & 3 set a weak-side stagger screen for 1. 1 comes off the stagger screen looking for a shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Horns Ballscreen Stagger

Horns Ballscreen Stagger

Evan Orzolek 07/01/2017

Real nice horns set run by CAI Zaragoza in the Liga ACB 2013-2014 season. This set includes a back screen, ball screen, and a stagger screen. I lvoe how this set forces a defender to guard two actions at once (x5). x5 is forced to guard the ball screen and the stagger screen simultaneously. See More

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Basketball Play - France (W) - AI Double Spain

France (W) - AI Double Spain

Ryan Nguyen 06/26/2017

France ran this "Spain" pick & roll action against Spain in the Finals of the FIBA EuroBasket Women 2017. 2 makes an Iverson cut to the right wing then pass back to 1. 4 & 5 set a double ball-screen for 1. As 1 comes off of the ball-screen from 4, 2 sets a back-screen for 4. 4 cuts to the basket and 2 pops out after screen. See More

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