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Basketball Play - Spurs Stagger Screen

Spurs Stagger Screen

Kevin Bruinsma 07/08/2013

The San Antonio Spurs utilized a lot of movement and spacing to create open rolling lanes for #21 Tim Duncan. Here they look for the quick hoop as the 3 man curls off a stagger screen. After screening #21 Tim Duncan pops back to get a catch. He executes a dribble handoff and dives hard to the rim. The Miami Heat had a difficult time dealing with him rolling. See More

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Basketball Play - Oklahoma State Double Stagger Action

Oklahoma State Double Stagger Action

Dana Beszczynski 12/04/2016

Brad Underwood came to Oklahoma State after a very successful three year stay at Stephen F. Austin where he compiled a record of 89-14. He tied Brad Stevens for most victories at an NCAA school after their first three years. The first coach to ever win three straight Southland Conference Coach of the Year awards, Underwood led SFA to the two longest winning streaks in league history. He and the Lumberjacks won 29 straight games in 2013-14, and his team rode a 21-game win streak into Sunday's NCAA Tournament second-round showdown against Notre Dame, which came down to the wire. Underwood piled up a 53-1 record in conference play during his three-years at SFA and put the Lumberjacks in the national spotlight after an upset win over fifth-seeded VCU in the opening round of the 2014 NCAA Tournament. He matched that success again in 2016 after taking down No. 3 seed West Virginia in the first round. In fact, the Lumberjacks came within two seconds of a trip to the Sweet 16. Underwood's SFA teams were known for their defensive prowess, but also for their assist-oriented offenses. This season, the Lumberjacks led the nation in scoring margin (+16.9), turnover margin (+6.5) and turnovers forced (18.6), and also ranked second in assists per game (18.7) and seventh in steals per game (9.1). His style of play will be exciting to watch at Oklahoma State and this double stagger action out of Transition is just one example of his prowess as a tactician. This is a great set play for Phil Forte a marksman from behind the arc. See More

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Basketball Play - Double Stagger Iso Gate Action

Double Stagger Iso Gate Action

Dana Beszczynski 12/04/2016

This is a BLOB play run by Lokomotiv Kuban from the 1st Half of their VTB League game against reigning Euroleague Champions CSKA Moscow. The curl action off the initial back screen sets up the next movement with the inbounder coming off a double stagger and curling to the weak side looking for a pass. As the inbounder is clearing the the double stagger, 5 & 4 move to set a "gate screen" for the 2 man coming through looking for the 3 pt shot. This is a bang-bang action forcing the defense to choose what to guard. When 3 receives the ball, he has isolation, looking to attack the defender or 2 has an open shot off the gate screen. Sasa Obradovic recently took over at Lokomotiv after having began the season in Greece on the bench of PAO. He is quickly turning Loko back into the team it was last season when it reached the Euroleague Final 4. See More

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Basketball Play - Wisconsin Double Stagger Post

Wisconsin Double Stagger Post

Dana Beszczynski 12/04/2016

The Wisconsin Badgers under Head Coach Greg Gard have added some new wrinkles to their Offense. This is a double stagger action designed to get a look for Koenig a good 3 pt shooter and when this look isn't there, the offense continues with a second double stagger bringing their Post man Happ to the ball side for the Post-up option out of the set. Once the ball is in the Post, the Badgers get good movement and Happ being a good passer takes advantage of the Defense with the weak side diagonal pass. Unselfish is always the "motto" for Wisconsin as exhibited with the extra pass to the corner setting up the penetration and second kick-out pass to Hayes for a wide open shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Toronto Raptors - EOG SLOB Stagger Pop

Toronto Raptors - EOG SLOB Stagger Pop

Matt Wheeler 11/21/2016

The Toronto Raptors ran this SLOB play down 3 with 2.4 seconds left in their game against the Sacramento Kings. The play was designed with options for their two best 3 point shooters to get a look at tying the game. 2 uses the cross screen from 5 to set up a stagger screen for 1 for the first option. 5 then sets a second screen for 2 to get him a shot up top for the second option. See More

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Basketball Play - Kansas Jayhawks Flair Double

Kansas Jayhawks Flair Double

Dana Beszczynski 11/16/2016

Bill Self started the game really looking to get his guys involved in the Offense early. This is a nice Flare /DBL Screen action they ran for Graham looking to get him off from behind the arc. The play is made by Bragg who leaves the shoulder-to-shoulder double by stepping out in the way of Grayson Allen who is trailing Graham on the screen. This action by Bragg allows Graham to fill behind Mason's penetration for a wide open 3 pt shot. The Jayhawks showed some great Offensive sets in the game against Duke and this is just one of them. See More

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