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Basketball Play - Spurs Stagger Screen

Spurs Stagger Screen

Kevin Bruinsma 07/08/2013

The San Antonio Spurs utilized a lot of movement and spacing to create open rolling lanes for #21 Tim Duncan. Here they look for the quick hoop as the 3 man curls off a stagger screen. After screening #21 Tim Duncan pops back to get a catch. He executes a dribble handoff and dives hard to the rim. The Miami Heat had a difficult time dealing with him rolling. See More

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Basketball Play - Atlanta Hawks - UCLA High Low Lob

Atlanta Hawks - UCLA High Low Lob

Matt Wheeler 04/26/2017

The Atlanta Hawks ran this play to get a great look for a lob after a time out in their playoff game against the Washington Wizards.. A common action in this set is 2 coming of the stagger screen for a shot. In this play the Hawks used that action as a decoy and then 3 slipped the screen to the short corner. This cleared the help defense and put their 5 in a one on one position in the post. 5 then fakes the duck in and spins off of his man to catch the lob pass for the dunk. See More

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Basketball Play - Elbow Double

Elbow Double

Doug Brotherton 04/24/2017

When building your playbook for next season, we want to give you some things to consider. For example, do your sets have anything that make them easy to scout? Do they all start from different formations? Is it difficult to flow from the base offense, into the sets? Do they all use the same action? Do the sets lack versatility? These are all challenges, which coaches must consider, and do not realize until they face the best teams on their schedule. The "Elbow Series" below is an example of some sets that check all of the necessary boxes, which make them a solid addition to your playbook. Read More: See More

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Basketball Play - Cleveland Cavs - BLOB PG Rip

Cleveland Cavs - BLOB PG Rip

Matt Wheeler 04/18/2017

The Cleveland Cavs were up 5 with 30.9 seconds left and ran this play to help seal the win against the Indiana Pacers. This play was very difficult to guard because of all the offensive threats that were on the floor for the Cavs. The inital action forced the Pacers to defend the staggered screen so as not to give up an open 3 to a shooter (Kyle Korver). The secondary action used the Cavs two best players with 4 (Lebron James) setting a back screen for 1 (Kyrie Irving). x4 has a difficult choice to make. Helping on the backscreen might take away the layup but it would also get 4 an open shot. x4 stayed with his man and 1 got a wide open layup on the play. See More

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Basketball Play - Spurs 31 Hawk

Spurs 31 Hawk

Adam Spinella 04/16/2017

A staple of the Popovich playbook, the Hawk action is code for a side ballscreen occuring at the same time as a double stagger on the opposite side. It's a ballscreen that occupies help. In recent years the Spurs have run it with Kawhi Leonard as the ball screener, hoping he can pick-and-pop and isolate off of it. See More

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