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Basketball Play - Olympiacos - STS Flare

Olympiacos - STS Flare

Kostas Kalogeropoulos 09/15/2018

A simple yet effective play that coach Giannis Sfairopoulos of Olympiacos run during the 2017-18 Euroleague season. The misdirection stagger screen and the screen-the-screener action force defenders to commit, so the flare screen set by the center at the end of the play is difficult to disrupt without switching a big onto the opponent's point guard. See More

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Basketball Play - Passing Out of the Post

Passing Out of the Post

Jordan Petersen 09/12/2018

Giving players simple reads can help cut down on turnovers and with decision making. Three reads I give players are: 1. Basket 2. Opposite 3. Back. On a catch in the post, players look to the basket for a dive player or a cutter first. After looking at the basket, look opposite along the perimeter for players whose defender may have helped too far toward the ball or lost sight of there check and then back to the same side perimeter. Read about tip to Playing Inside Out Click here for more plays and drills from Jordan Petersen! See More

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Basketball Play - 4v4 Neutral Restrictions

4v4 Neutral Restrictions

Michael Lynch 08/31/2018

Using four out perimeter spacing we try to recreate game like situations in the short sided game (SSG) format. Here we have our most common actions within our Dribble Drive Motion system. Starting the SSG in a neutral scenario, it is up to the offense to use a pre-determined action to create A) a Double Gap and B) Drive the Basketball into it. Coaches can pre-determine the action or simply allow players to create freely. See videos below for game examples of these actions! More from Michael Lynch: Skill Building for Dribble Drive Motion Offenses See More

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