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Basketball Play - Albany-sts


Kyle Brown 04/25/2013

A great set that Albany ran in the conference tournament. This set has a lot of different ways to score as you progress through the set. If you wanted your 1 man to be the man to make the decision on the last pick & roll then you can just have him hit the 3 and then clear out to the weak side corner. See More

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Basketball Play - X Corner

X Corner

Kyle Brown 03/18/2013

A great blob action against a zone. Timing is really important and the read for the inbounder should be X4 in the diagrams. If X4 goes with the 2 then 5 will be open, if X4 stays in then 2 should be open. 5 has to work to Post hard on X5 and keep him occupied. See More

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Basketball Play - Boise State-False Motion

Boise State-False Motion

Kyle Brown 03/13/2013

A great way to run some time off the clock and limit possesions is to run "false motion" boise state runs some of the best that I have seen. They were able to almost beat UNLV at UNLV while running this down the stretch into 1 of their sets. The most important teaching points for this is to cut to score, short easy passes, and stay high and wide. See More

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Basketball Play - Ballscreen Screenin

Ballscreen Screenin

Kyle Brown 03/12/2013

An action I saw this past weekend that would be great for a shooter. Most teams have an action where they screen big on big to get their 5 man sprinting into a ballscreen. This action counters that by screening in for the 4 man and trying to get him a shot. See More

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Basketball Play - 1 high Slip into roll/replace

1 high Slip into roll/replace

Kyle Brown 03/07/2013

An action I saw a lot this past weekend. Slipping the 4 man (Someone who is a good shooter) and then he becomes the replace guy on the big roll is a tough action for the defense to guard because it forces the guy guarding 5 to really defend the ball screen well. Marquette ran this action and slipped the 5 man for a layup. See More

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