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Basketball Play - Horns Middle

Horns Middle

Craig LeVasseur 03/02/2015

This is a basic Horns set, with a common second side action to the play. It is important to teach and look for every read: 1. 1 hits 5 on the roll after screen 2. 4 pops and looks for shot if open 3. 4 looks for hi-lo entry to 5 4. 4 swings to side P/R with 2 5. 5 flashes/ducks-in middle, 4 pops to range See More

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Basketball Play - Pistons SOG

Pistons SOG

Craig LeVasseur 01/13/2015

This is a Stan Van Gundy play that the Detroit Pistons have been running frequently to start the game during their run of victories. It is perfect against a team that shows against side pick and rolls, and they used it last night against the Raptors. Brandon Jennings came off the screen hard looking to score and was rewarded with a floater in the paint. See More

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