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Basketball Play - Chin Set

Chin Set

Craig LeVasseur 01/05/2015

A basic Chin set into a ballscreen. This is a good option for getting your 2 or 3 into a high ballscreen. Against Weak coverage against the ballscreen, flip the angle of the screen to set up a Spread P/R and a single side bump situation for your shooting 3. See More

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Basketball Play - Thumb Series

Thumb Series

Craig LeVasseur 12/09/2014

This is one of my favorite sets from the 13-14 season, and is a staple of the Trailblazers' offense. Very similar to Rick Carlisle's "Get" series from the championship Mavericks team, this set creates multiple scoring looks for each of the Blazers' offensive weapons, and can be modified to highlight any player within the offense. Below are 3 options within the set: Thumb Up, Thumb Fist, and Thumb Punch. Thumb Up creates catch & shoot opportunities for Matthews and Batum, Thumb Fist puts Aldridge and Lillard in a pick and pop situation, and Thumb Punch creates a post scoring opportunity for Aldridge. See More

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