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Basketball Play - Loop Portland

Loop Portland

KJ Smith 01/09/2019

1 dribbles toward 2 who zipper cuts up the slot. 5 downs creens for 2. 2 ball screens 1 and then uses flare screen from 5. 4 down screens 3. If flare isn't open, 1 and 3 DHO as 5 sprints to ball screen 3. 3 uses ball screen, 5 rolls and 1 lifts behind the roller. See More

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Basketball Play - 5 Out Motion Offense: Middle Push Reads

5 Out Motion Offense: Middle Push Reads

KJ Smith 08/14/2018

The following reads are made in both the primary and secondary break. They can be the building blocks of an entire offensive system while developing the IQ and skill sets of your players. Circle: Corner player cuts to the rim as the wing player fades towards the corner for a shot. Drop: Wing player dives to the rim as the corner player lifts up to the wing for a shot. Down: Wing down screen towrads the corner where that player may fill up to the rim for a shot as well as curl or backdoor cut to the rim. The screener will either slip to the rim or pop out to the perimeter. Up: Corner lifts up to flare screen for the wing before slipping to the basket. The cutter may also curl to the rim. If the flare screener does not slip to the basket, they may sprint to the ball for a dribble handoff. See More

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