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Internship Application Coding Assignment

This is a link to the home page for the Ohio High School Athletic Association:  It is representative of the types of websites we routinely visit to acquire data that is useful to our coaching customers.  As an intern for FastModel, you will help us with developing scraping/parsing tools that allow us to collect data from various sources "in the wild".

In an effort to quickly gauge your ability to do this job, we've constructed a quick assignment that is representative of the type of work you would be responsible for as an intern with FastModel.  This assignment will test both your problem solving and coding abilities.

The Assignment:

  • Determine the number of Varsity Boy's Basketball Teams in the OHSAA
  • Provide a description of your approach and any relevant code snippets 

We will keep this assignment open until 2/28 to allow for enough time.

Please submit your answer and supporting materials to me (Albert) at  And if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

Good Luck!