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Published 12/06/2013 by Kyle Gilreath Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Halfway through the 2nd half of their loss to UCONN, Florida head coach Billy Donovan called out this play to PG Scottie Wilbekin to get his Gators to run some offense for multiple looks. If you follow the Gators or Coach Donovan, you know he is one of the best at teaching and executing continuity offense. 

While they frequently run baseline runner/rhody actions, I love this new addition to his playbook. There are multiple scoring opportunities to attack any defensive adjustments in this action.

  • Basketball Play - "Rhody"
  • Basketball Play - "Rhody"
  • Basketball Play - "Rhody"
  • 2 rhody cut over top off a screem from 5 and 4; and 3 cut baseline. 1 passed to 2 and UCLA cut off 4.

  • 2 reversed the ball to 4. 1 cross screened for 5 and received a dribble hand-off from 4.

  • 2 screened 5 into a middle pick & roll for 1. 1 threw back to 4 for a catch & shoot.