America's Play 4-Flat - FastModel Sports

Published 01/11/2016 by Bert DeSalvo Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

URI Head Men's Basketball Coach Dan Hurley used this variation of "America's Play" to get his shooter a 3pt shot against in state rival Brown on Dec. 30th, 2015.


  • Basketball Play - America's Play 4-Flat
  • Basketball Play - America's Play 4-Flat
  • 5 pops to near side elbow area, then screens for the 4 on opposite block

    4 accepts screen and pops to ball side elbow area

  • 3 pins down for 2

    5 screens for 2

    2 comes off 3's screen for a 3pt FGA (or 5 if defense is overplaying the 3pt shot)