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About This Play/Drill

Scott Drew has Baylor in the hunt for a NCAA Tournament bid and possible high seed.  This years Baylor Bears are currently 19-7 overall and 8-5 in Conference.

This play is from their win against Iowa State.  It was run after a FT situation for the Cyclones who dropped back in a 2-3 Zone.

The backline of the Zone set-up rather high as Baylor did a good job with spacing coming out of Transition.

Wainright cuts through the zone off the Fast Break and immediately screens the outside defender (Burton) of the Zone as Motley moves to screen the middle defender (Niang) as Prince makes his way from the ring towards the ring and throws down the jam off the pass from Medford.

An exciting end of season play to spice up your Zone Playbook!!

  • Basketball Play - Baylor Lob vs 2-3 Zone

Baylor Lob Play vs 2-3 Zone


Medford PG (#11) comes down the floor and stay behind the 3 pt line


Freeman SG (#25) clears to the left side


Wainright SF (#24) cuts through and screens the outside defender as Motley C (#5) screens the middle zone defender


Prince PF (#21) cuts behind the zone for the perfectly timed lob pass from Medford PG (#11) and slams the ball through the ring