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About Dana Beszczynski

Coach Beszczynski brings to FastDraw over twenty years of basketball coaching experience.  To date, he has worked at all levels of basketball, from High School and from the Collegiate Ranks to the Professional level in Europe.  As a leader, Coach Beszczynski emphasizes that his program is built on the principles of hard work, dedication, and no one person is more important than the team. 

Coach Beszczynski has a very diverse coaching background.  He is known for his individual development of post players, scouting & film breakdown, motivation, and game preparation.

At the present time, Coach Beszczynski is the Assistant Coach to WBC Raiffiesen Wels as well as the Head Coach of the U19 team.

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Basketball Play - Hawk Double Cross

Hawk Double Cross

Dana Beszczynski 02/17/2017

Michigan State Head Coach Tom Izzo has one of the most extensive offensive playbooks in Division I. Here is a a version of the old NBA "Hawk" set PG dribble enters clearing the wing and then the "Hawk" screen is set sending the 2 guard ball side for a possible quick hit pass The play continues with a double stagger for the cutter off ball reversal and then when nothing is open a quick throwback to the wing for a screen-the-screener action trying to free the 5 under the basket If nothing in the Post is free, the screen is set at the FT Line and the 5 having relocated sprints-to-screen at the TOK See More

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Basketball Play - Lady Bruins Back Cut Post Option

Lady Bruins Back Cut Post Option

Dana Beszczynski 01/10/2017

This play was run by Cori Close and her UCLA Lady Bruins on Sunday night in their showdown with the Washington Lady Huskies. The Pac12 features one of the best levels of Women's Basketball and has the premier player in Kelsey Plum from Washington. This play starts with a DHO on the wing (if the PG reads the defense, she can keep the ball and attack the paint to the open side). A wide pin down on the weak side brings the 2 guard to the 3 pt line for a possible early catch & shoot 3 pointer if she's open. The Lady Bruins are a very disciplined team going through their options in this set. The Post at the FT line sets a back screen for a possible back door pass while on the weak side a down screen for the PG yields either a 3 point shot or dump in to the Post. After screening, the screener pops to the wing, receives the throwback pass and the option to post your 3 presents itself. If you're not watching Women's basketball on the West Coast, you should be!! See More

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Basketball Play - Butler End of Game BOB

Butler End of Game BOB

Dana Beszczynski 12/21/2016

This was the late game BOB play Coach Holtman used to guide Butler to what many perceived as an upset of the Indiana Hoosiers last Saturday night. But, the Bulldogs are no stranger to knocking off big time programs. This perfectly designed BOB situation uses the decoy screen for the 5 man who comes across the lane clearing the defense out and the 4 man uses good timing to move towards 3 before slipping hard catching the Indiana defender looking at the 3 man. 1 makes the perfect pass for the dunk in the lane and a big play for the Butler Bulldogs in their knocking off the Indiana Hoosiers! See More

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Basketball Play - North Carolina Gate "Slip"

North Carolina Gate "Slip"

Dana Beszczynski 12/15/2016

North Carolina ran this simple Box Set Elevator play against Tennessee the other night. The cross screen in the paint sets up the screener to run through the gate screen at the FT line. As the shooter is ready to come through the gate, the inside screener slips to the basket and receives a perfectly timed pass in the lane for the easy dunk. A great call and adjustment off the Tar Heels regular set play! See More

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Basketball Play - Oklahoma State Double Stagger Action

Oklahoma State Double Stagger Action

Dana Beszczynski 12/04/2016

Brad Underwood came to Oklahoma State after a very successful three year stay at Stephen F. Austin where he compiled a record of 89-14. He tied Brad Stevens for most victories at an NCAA school after their first three years. The first coach to ever win three straight Southland Conference Coach of the Year awards, Underwood led SFA to the two longest winning streaks in league history. He and the Lumberjacks won 29 straight games in 2013-14, and his team rode a 21-game win streak into Sunday's NCAA Tournament second-round showdown against Notre Dame, which came down to the wire. Underwood piled up a 53-1 record in conference play during his three-years at SFA and put the Lumberjacks in the national spotlight after an upset win over fifth-seeded VCU in the opening round of the 2014 NCAA Tournament. He matched that success again in 2016 after taking down No. 3 seed West Virginia in the first round. In fact, the Lumberjacks came within two seconds of a trip to the Sweet 16. Underwood's SFA teams were known for their defensive prowess, but also for their assist-oriented offenses. This season, the Lumberjacks led the nation in scoring margin (+16.9), turnover margin (+6.5) and turnovers forced (18.6), and also ranked second in assists per game (18.7) and seventh in steals per game (9.1). His style of play will be exciting to watch at Oklahoma State and this double stagger action out of Transition is just one example of his prowess as a tactician. This is a great set play for Phil Forte a marksman from behind the arc. See More

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Basketball Play - Double Stagger Iso Gate Action

Double Stagger Iso Gate Action

Dana Beszczynski 12/04/2016

This is a BLOB play run by Lokomotiv Kuban from the 1st Half of their VTB League game against reigning Euroleague Champions CSKA Moscow. The curl action off the initial back screen sets up the next movement with the inbounder coming off a double stagger and curling to the weak side looking for a pass. As the inbounder is clearing the the double stagger, 5 & 4 move to set a "gate screen" for the 2 man coming through looking for the 3 pt shot. This is a bang-bang action forcing the defense to choose what to guard. When 3 receives the ball, he has isolation, looking to attack the defender or 2 has an open shot off the gate screen. Sasa Obradovic recently took over at Lokomotiv after having began the season in Greece on the bench of PAO. He is quickly turning Loko back into the team it was last season when it reached the Euroleague Final 4. See More

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Basketball Play - Wisconsin Double Stagger Post

Wisconsin Double Stagger Post

Dana Beszczynski 12/04/2016

The Wisconsin Badgers under Head Coach Greg Gard have added some new wrinkles to their Offense. This is a double stagger action designed to get a look for Koenig a good 3 pt shooter and when this look isn't there, the offense continues with a second double stagger bringing their Post man Happ to the ball side for the Post-up option out of the set. Once the ball is in the Post, the Badgers get good movement and Happ being a good passer takes advantage of the Defense with the weak side diagonal pass. Unselfish is always the "motto" for Wisconsin as exhibited with the extra pass to the corner setting up the penetration and second kick-out pass to Hayes for a wide open shot. See More

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Basketball Play - UCONN Lady Huskies DHO/Shuffle Re-Screen Action

UCONN Lady Huskies DHO/Shuffle Re-Screen Action

Dana Beszczynski 11/18/2016

Geno Auriemma was supposed to be a re-building year after graduating Stewart, Tuck and Jefferson, All they've done to start this year is go 2-0. After a nail biting win over Florida State to open the season, the Lady Huskies knocked off the #2 team in the rankings Baylor. This play is a nice play to get Katie Lou Samuelson the ball off a shuffle cut, re-screen action. She cuts into the lane off Gabby Williams screen and then Williams quickly sets a second screen to free up Samuelson for a shot attempt. The UCONN Lady Huskies will be a team to reckon with yet again in Women's Basketball. See More

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Basketball Play - Duke ATO - Hammer Action

Duke ATO - Hammer Action

Dana Beszczynski 11/17/2016

Duke ATO - DHO - WEAK SIDE HAMMER ACTION A great play from the Duke timeout utilizing the PG as your entry man at the elbow. 1 goes into a DHO with 3 out of the corner right into a ball screen by the 5 man moving across the FT line replacing 1 on the hand-off action. As 3 comes off the ball screen, 4 steps up to set the weak side Hammer Screen for 2 who drifts to the corner looking for a possible pass and shot attempt. Duke shows great shot clock management, as the primary option is not open, the ball gets reversed and thrown into the post. 2 Kennard makes a great read coming from the weak side corner, cutting to the FT line area making himself an option if the ball cannot be passed inside and showing the importance of moving without the ball. 1 & 2 exchange, ball gets kicked-out to 2 who cannot make a play. He throws the ball back inside, cuts into the lane for a possible give "n" go pass. 5 throws the ball out to 4 who dribble flips with 3 and sets a side ball screen. 2 Allen comes off the side ball screen action and gets a wide open jumper. A great look at how to utilize all options off a play and manage clock. See More

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Basketball Play - Duke Early Offense Action

Duke Early Offense Action

Dana Beszczynski 11/17/2016

Coach K is as good as it gets when it comes to set plays and putting his players in a position to best utilize their talents to score. This action they ran most of the night against Kansas with good consistency. With the trio of Guards at Coach K's disposal, the middle ball screen at the end of the set is lethal as the defense has to decide how and where to help from as you have shooters all around the perimeter and talented big men inside who can finish at the ring. The beginning of the play with the wide pin down can also lead to good reads of either flares or curls and then the backscreen sets up the possible lob action to the ring. See More

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Basketball Play - Duke Blue Devils - Fist

Duke Blue Devils - Fist

Dana Beszczynski 11/17/2016

Duke ran this simple iso play for Kennard to get him a look at an open shot. Running into the lane on the entry pass to Grayson, Kennard has his choice to either come off Jefferson or Jeter and get to the elbow vs the trailing defender for the jumper. Jones & Allen relocate on the pass looking for a possible kick-out pass and shot when Kennard cannot get a shot off. See More

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Basketball Play - Kansas Jayhawks Lob

Kansas Jayhawks Lob

Dana Beszczynski 11/17/2016

The Jayhawks Bill Self used a variety of plays against Duke the other night in their two point victory. Having to overcome serious foul trouble all night, the Jayhawks used everything at their disposal to finally eke out the victory. This is an easy set with the 1-3 entry, dribble over and ball reversal. 5 times his step up to backscreen x3 that 3 can get a good run the ring. In this instance, Duke received help on the baseline from x4 who fouled Jackson going up for the dunk. See More

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Basketball Play - Kansas Jayhawks Flair Double

Kansas Jayhawks Flair Double

Dana Beszczynski 11/16/2016

Bill Self started the game really looking to get his guys involved in the Offense early. This is a nice Flare /DBL Screen action they ran for Graham looking to get him off from behind the arc. The play is made by Bragg who leaves the shoulder-to-shoulder double by stepping out in the way of Grayson Allen who is trailing Graham on the screen. This action by Bragg allows Graham to fill behind Mason's penetration for a wide open 3 pt shot. The Jayhawks showed some great Offensive sets in the game against Duke and this is just one of them. See More

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Basketball Play - SFA Box Cross

SFA Box Cross

Dana Beszczynski 11/16/2016

SFA went into yesterday's ESPN Marathon having won 28 consecutive games at home. Their last loss came against Northern Iowa in the 2014 ESPN Marathon. Kyle Keller inherited an SFA Team rich in tradition and NCAA appearances the last years. Keller comes to the Lumberjacks after having served as an Assistant at Texas A & M for Billy Kennedy. In yesterday's match-up against Big South opponent Longwood, they found themselves in a tight match all the way down the stretch. TJ Holiday had it going for the Jacks though and this little Box Set was designed to get him a look at the basket. See More

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