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About This Play/Drill

A nice set play ran by Bob Huggins after a timeout trying to isolate Kilicli in the post.

Good movement in this set.

  • Basketball Play - ATO Post Iso
  • Basketball Play - ATO Post Iso
  • Basketball Play - ATO Post Iso
  • West Virginia ran this set from a timeout


    Harris (10) & Browne (14) criss cross on the baseline coming off screens set by Noreen (34) & Kilicli (13)


    Hinds (4) passes to Noreen (34) who after setting his screen flashes to the 3 pt line

  • Hinds (4) after making his pass to Noreen (34) cuts off Noreen (34) - hand-off possible to the weak side corner


    Kilicli (13) follows the cut from Hinds (4) and wraps around Noreen (34) to set a down screen for Browne (14) who comes off receiving the pass from Noreen (34)


    Kilicli (13) comes off his screen to seal the defender in the paint

  • Browne (14) makes the post entry pass to Kilicli (13)


    Noreen (34) dives weak side block looking for a quick pass if his defender helps on an inside move by Kilicli (13)


    Harris (10) & Hinds (4) move to fill vacated space