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About This Play/Drill

QUAD Offense breakdown drills

In 2v2 Continuous Loops the objective is to teach the driving player and the wing a few basic concepts of the QUAD Offense.

  • "Chest Help"
  • "Shoulder Help"
  • "Fill Behind Drives"
  • "Rugby Toss"
  • "Enlarger the Defense"

These concepts come from Canada Basketball and Italian Coach Mario DeSisti

QUAD Offense Playbook....

  • Basketball Play - Continuous Loops (2v2)
  • Basketball Play - Continuous Loops (2v2)
  • X1 starts with the ball, passes to player 1 then touches the cone


    1 penetrates to score and reads help

    - See Chest, Think Pass = Rugby Toss to player 2

    - See shoulder, think score = drive for shot


    Practice both reads and live!

  • The players balance the floor and continue. Allow for two repetitions with guided defense and then play live.


    Two groups can go at one time by using other side of floor