Army STS - FastModel Sports

Published 01/31/2013 by Kyle Brown Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

A set that I saw Army run against Navy last week.  The 2 man has to set it up like he is just cutting through on the normal shuffle action and then recieves the screen from 3.  Army finished with the down screen, but the elevator option would also work.

  • Basketball Play - Army STS
  • Basketball Play - Army STS
  • Basketball Play - Army STS
  • 1 to 3

    5 sets backscreen for 2

    1 acts like he is cutting inside and pops back

    3 to 1

  • 3 screens in for 2

    5 then downscreens for 3

    5 should look to slip this screen

  • another way to finish would be for 3 to come through an elevator screen from 5 & 4