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Basketball Play - Elevator Screen Action

Elevator Screen Action

Matt Wheeler 11/02/2017

Just like in other actions, the positions don't matter as much as putting players with the right skill set in those positions. Most of the time the 1, 2, and 3 positions become interchangeable with the 4 & 5 usually setting the elevator screen. The elevator action happens when a player cuts between two screeners. Once they get through, the screeners close together (like elevator doors) to form a wall where the defender can't get through, which frees them for a shot. 1 must be a good passer to deliver the ball to the shooter. 2 needs to be a good shooter - this action should get them open for a shot. 3 can set additional screens, create misdirection or provide spacing. 4 & 5 are your screeners, typically they are your bigger players, and will close the door on the screen after 2 cuts through Blog Post: Offensive Action Breakdown - Elevator Screens See More

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Basketball Play - Houston Rockets - Delay Elevator Action

Houston Rockets - Delay Elevator Action

Austin Anderson 05/22/2018

Houston is underrated out of ATO situations. The Rockets bost a 8th overall ranking out of ATOs scoring .946 ppp (Points Per Possession) and scoring at least 1 point 40.8% of the time. This set is designed to get James Harden an open 3. If teams fall asleep on Chris Paul during the action, he will look to sneak drive. This action can also create screen/slip opportunities. See More

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Basketball Play - Houston Cougars - Box Philly Gate from BLOB

Houston Cougars - Box Philly Gate from BLOB

Dave Nedbalek 04/05/2018

This is a great BLOB set used by Houston against Michigan in the 2018 NCAA Tournament. Although Houston doesn't score here, the misidirection from the elevator screen really provides an effective setup. Included in the last frame is a counter hitting 1 on a backdoor cut on an open side. Not shown in the diagram, but may I also suggest a DHO from 3 to 1 after 1's action in Frame 2. This prevents the action from being stagnant with 3 dribbling the entire time. See More

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