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About This Play/Drill

SE Louisiana Horns Set to isolate Roger Woods who at 6'5 230 pounds takes up a lot of space under the basket and can use his strength and body to take advantage of a good match-up

This was a play that Duke made popular often running back when Kyle Singler played there

  • Basketball Play - SE Louisiana Horns Iso
  • Basketball Play - SE Louisiana Horns Iso
  • Fortenberry (5) makes the entry pass to Ricard who steps out to receive the pass above the 3 pt line

  • Fortenberry (5) receives a flare screen from Johnson (10) looking for a quick pass and either a post feed or shot


    Ricard (24) in this situation made the post entry pass to Woods (2) who cuts hard into the paint looking to seal his man for the post entry pass